Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we located?

We are in Hamburg Township in the South East corner of Livingston County.

See “contact us” for our Pinckney mailing address.

What is our Mailing Address?


PO Box 962

Pinckney, MI 48169

What streets are included in WPCA?

The street names included in our association are: Tree Top Court, Whispering Pines Drive, Fairway Drive, Rolling Green Drive, Mulligan and Meadowcrest Court.

Other streets such as Tioga Drive, Tioga Court, Signature Drive, Signature Court are not part of WPCA and are part of a separate association: Fairways of Whispering Pines.

Are you looking for Fairways of Whispering Pines?

Fairways of Whispering Pines (FWP) is not part of our association:

If you are looking for FWP, please contact their Property management group:

Your Piece of Mind (YPM)
Lori Thomas is the account manager.

Is the Golf Course part of WPCA.


The Whispering Pines Golf Course is a public course, with no ties to WPCA

Do Township police have the authority to enforce Vehicle code on WPCA roads?

In the month of October 2017, WPCA and Hamburg Township entered into an agreement that authorizes the Hamburg Police to enter the community and to enforce Michigan Vehicle Code.

A copy of that agreement can be found HERE.

This agreement was made possible only after the traffic and street signs met the requirements of Michigan code. New compliant signage was also completed in October 2017.

Who are the current Board Members

Select “Board Members” from the side menu.

Is there an Association Fee?

The annual Homeowner Association fee is $525.  Our fiscal year is April 1 to March 31. Payment in full is due on April 1 of each year.  Current year dues not paid by June 30th are considered overdue and a fee of 10% of the current year’s dues will be assessed on the account. If current year dues are not paid by September 30th, an additional fee of $200 will be assessed on the account and a lien will be filed on the property.

Receivables that are overdue will be charged interest of 1.5% per month on the total net monthly balance. These charges will accrue monthly with notices to offending homeowners about every 3 months.

The application of payments to member account balances (for association dues, fines and fees) is based on Statement Balance Billing.  That is, payments are applied to the oldest charges first.

What is our School District?

We are part of the Pinckney School District.

Realtors/Banks: What are the fees for formal inquiries?

As of August 2015, any written forms/inquiries with questions, signatures, etc., that require completion by the Board of WPCA, will have a charge of $175.

These inquiries typically pertain to home sales, refi’s, etc.

Questions that can not be found on this site and do not require written paperwork or required signatures, will be answered as a courtesy at no charge.

Current Board Members are listed in this site under the menu for: “Board Members”.

What type of dwellings are in WPCA?

Whispering Pines Condominium Association (WPCA)  homes are legally described as detached condominiums.

Our complex has 100 lots. The development is a “Residential Condominium Project” administered by an Association of Co-Owners. This association is responsible for the management, maintenance, operation and administration of the common elements, easements and affairs of the condominium project, including the determination and collection of dues. The association is governed by the documents located here.

The homes (units) within the development are owned, managed and maintained by each “co-owner” aka “homeowner” and to be used for single family residential purposes.
No unit is attached to another. They are commonly referred to as “Site Condominiums”. Each co-owner has an equal vote within the association when it comes to the election of the Board of Directors and certain fiscal activities.
Does the association have Homeowner's Association Master Condo Insurance?

Yes, our policy is currently with: Auto Owners Ins, Policy# 984674-14507536-16 Hartland Insurance Agency. 810-632-5161

Am I required to connect to the Hamburg Township Sewer System?
If you have a failed Septic Drainage field or newly constructed home AND are within 400 feet of access to the Township’s Sewer system, you are required to connect to that Hamburg Sewer system.  The access point may be the township’s main line or that of a neighbor who is presently connected.
You can view the Township sewer map HERE:
Note: use the tools on the upper left to navigate the map. The “+” sign allows you to expand an area, the hand symbol allows you to drag the viewable area of your choice. Click on the “Sewered Parcels” box to highlight in yellow, those lots with sewers. You must click on the “refresh map” button to apply your selections.
As of 10-27-2020 the following 14 lots are connected:
10, 11, 12, 14, 26, 27, 29, 31, 45, 48, 54, 58, 59, 62.
Am I required to use Potassium Chloride in my Water Softening System or may I use Sodium Chloride (Salt)?
Township Ordinance no. 82 requires the use of Potassium Chloride in your Water Softening System, if you are connected to the Township Sewer System. If your system is an “On-Site” septic tank and drain field, you are not required to use Potassium Chloride.


Whispering Pines Condominium Association homes are mostly on-site Septic and Drain Field systems.  However, there are 14 sites that are connected to the Hamburg Township Sewer System and they are not allowed to use Sodium Chloride.

Those sites are:
Lot 14 (9503), Lot 31 (9502)
Lot 58 (9646), Lot 59 (9671), Lot 62 (9779)
Lot 10 (9604), Lot 11, Lot (9540), Lot 12 (9540)
Lot 26 (2341), Lot 27 (2373), Lot 29 (2437), Lot 45 (2474), Lot 48 (2348), Lot 54 (2565)
As an FYI for our neighbors at Fairways of Whispering Pines:
All of the Fairways of Whispering Pines and Whitewood Association sites are on the Hamburg Township Sewer System and are required to use Potassium Chloride.
Here is a link to the ordinance:
Does WPCA have a trash Pickup provider?

WPCA by-laws provide for the selection of an exclusive Trash Pickup provider. This provides each homeowner preferred rates and services.

The WPCA Board manages the general relationship, performance and pricing. Each homeowner is billed separately and is responsible for their own billing and their individual relationship with the provider.

Our current provider is GFL (Green For Life).  This 3 yr contract term is from 3/1/2018 – 2/28/2021. The price is $15.75/month, billed quarterly, with a provision to increase rates by 2.5% in years 2 and 3.


  • Price includes pickup of solid waste and recycle material; no fuel and environmental fees;
  • 1 additional trash container can be provided, if needed for no charge;
  • 2 free bulk item pickups per quarter. These bulk pickup requests need to be requested from GFL customer services by calling 844-464-3587 at least 24 hours in advance of your normal service day (currently Wednesday).

Each homeowner should have been sent a personalized letter that outlines their services and costs.

Does Whispering Pines have a Neighborhood wide Garage sale?

Yes we do.

It runs from Thursday through Saturday. The dates will vary from year to year.

For 2020 there will be no neighborhood Garage Sale.

Are low speed Golf Carts allowed to be driven on Whispering Pines streets?

Yes as of 1/22/2019.

The Golf Cart (and the use of same) needs to be in accordance with the Michigan Vehicle code.

If so, they can be driven on any street within Hamburg Township with the exception that they can only cross M36.

See conditions stated in the attached Township resolution.

Who has the responsibility for Road Maintenance in Whispering Pines?

Three entities share maintenance responsibilities in the development: Whispering Pines Condominium Association (WPCA), Fairways of Whispering Pines (FWP) and Whispering Pines Golf Club (WPGC),

  • WPCA maintains 6 roads in the development: Rolling Greens Dr., Fairways Dr. Mulligan Dr., Meadowcrest Ct. and Tree Top Ct,
  • FWP maintains 5 roads in the development: Whispering Pines Dr, Signature Dr., Signature Cir., Tioga Dr. and Tioga Ct.
  • WPGC has the responsibility of Maintenance of the Whispering Pines Dr. entrance, less the new landscaping paid for and maintained by WPCA.

Whispering Pines Dr. is owned by (WPCA), while the maintenance of this road is the responsibility of (FWP).

Background: The original plan for the Whispering Pines Development, called for the WPCA Developer to build Whispering Pines Dr. and the FWP Developer to build a second entrance road. Subsequently, however, the two developers agreed that in lieu of the FWP Developer building the second entrance, the FWP Developer would maintain Whispering Pines Dr. that was built by the WPCA Developer, noting that FWP is the primary user of the road.

There is a Road Maintenance Agreement that outlines the details and requirements therein.

What are the rules for parking on WPCA streets?

General parking policy:

 There is no “Overnight Parking” allowed on any street without prior authorization from a WPCA Board Member.

NEW Snow Emergency policy:

 In addition to the current parking policy, there is also no parking allowed on any street within WPCA during a “Snow Emergency”.

 The compliance responsibility of the WPCA resident/co-owner extends to their family and guests.

 Costs incurred by WPCA, for return visits of our snow removal vender to remove snow due to an illegally parked vehicle, will be passed on to the offending WPCA resident/co-owner.

 Fines may be issued for violations.

– If after an initial warning, the co-owner has additional violations, they can be fined $25.00 for a second offense, $50.00 for a third offense and $100.00 for a forth and additional offenses. Rule violations fees are already provided for in our by-laws.

 Snow emergency is defined as: when the accumulation of snow, slush, drifted snow or ice reaches 1.5 inches or more.

What are the rules for Tree Removals?

General tree removal policy:

 Removal of any Live trees needs a request submitted to the Board, typically with a site plan when part of landscaping changes, prior to the beginning of any activity.

 Emergency situations, removal of dead trees or scrub trees (under 3 inches) do not require prior Board approval.

 Fines may be issued for violations.

– If after an initial warning, if the co-owner has additional violations, they can be fined $25.00 for a second offense, $50.00 for a third offense and $100.00 for a forth and additional offenses. Rule violations fees are already provided for in our by-laws.

What are the Restrictions on Trailers & RVs?

Trailer/RV parking policy:

Boats, trailers, RV’s, etc., are to be kept in the garage and cannot be parked in the driveway or streets within WPCA.

With prior notice, the Board may provide parking approval for a short period, e.g. 7 days, to allow for clean up/maintenance in the spring and fall.

Who has the responsibility of keeping the Road clean in front of my house?

In order to keep our community beautiful and to maintain proper operation of our Storm Drain system, we need to keep our Roads, Curb & Gutter and Storm Drains clear from grass, leaves and all other debris.

We ask that all homeowners carry out their responsibilities of keeping our roads and Storm System clean.  If done frequently and by all, it is a very effective and small task.

During the Spring, Summer and Fall, please perform – or have your lawn service provider perform – the following:

  1. Blow the debris from the storm drains into the yard before cutting. This allows the debris to be mulched as the grass is cut.
  2. Keep the weeds from growing out from the cracks in the curb & Gutter.
  3. Blow the clippings back into the yard upon completion of the yard work.

Thank you for your cooperation on these matters. It can save us thousands of dollars by preventing the need of professional cleaning and jetting of the Storm System, while helping to maintain property values.

What use of roads are prohibited during construction and improvements

Using our roads as a staging area for delivery of new building materials or removal of debris is prohibited. Please do not dump materials on the road. If you are removing old cement, asphalt, or other household debris, it should be loaded directly into the trucks being used to haul it away.  New mulch should also be delivered onto the homeowner’s property. Please contact the Board, if you have a special need, and want to request a review.

What are the Rules on leaf burning and open fires?

Township Ordinance 40-F regulates the burning of leaves and open fires within Hamburg Township. For complete details, click here.  For your reference, some of the germain points are summarized below:

7.3 All allowed open burning, shall not create a visibility hazards on roadways.

7.6 Open Burning under this section shall only be conducted at a location at least 25′ from the nearest building and 10′ from any property line.

7.7 Except for campfires, Open Burning shall only be conducted during  months of April, May, October and November, during the hours of sunrise to sunset.

7.8 Each fire must be continuously supervised by an Adult 18ys of age or greater.

7.9 Open burn fires must not exceed 8 square feet or 8′ in diameter.

7.10 No materials may be burned upon any street, curb or gutter.

What about the storage of firewood?

The maximum amount of firewood that is readily visible to a co-owner, is to be no more than 4’ high, 12’ long and 20” deep in total.

That will retain about a 1.5 face cord of split firewood, which is the maximum allowable amount visible to any co-owner.  These are maximums, whereas less would be better.  Any additional firewood needs to be stored out of sight, e.g. in the garage.

Wood must be ready to use.  Visible wood greater than 6” in diameter must be split. All wood needs to be neatly stacked and positioned to minimize, as much as possible, the impact it has on the co-owners and the neighborhood.  Wood or brush is not to be stored or left in the front yard of any property.  The visibility of wood from any WPCA street, needs to be kept to a minimum.  Fallen trees and debris, needs to be cleared up as soon as possible.

Are Fences allowed in WPCA

No Homeowner shall be permitted to construct a fence without prior written approval of the Architectural Control Committee unless a fence is required by a provision of State law or Local ordinance.


WPCA is a visually open neighborhood with mostly unobstructed flow between properties. Constructing fences or adding other means of delineating property lines between two adjacent homeowner properties is not permitted within Whispering Pines Condominium Association


Allowed conditions of delineation:

Prior existing/original tree lines between properties remain permissible property delineation.

Are Invisible/Electronic Fences allowed in WPCA

Invisible fences are allowed within WPCA, however they should not be installed upon association easements.

Association Easements:

  • 18′ easement setback from any street within the Association.
  • 20 foot easement for any drain pipes (10 feet to each side).
  • 20 foot easement around both ponds.

Construction of any type is not allowed on said easements.