Governing Document Summaries:

To aid with your understanding and familiarity of the legal terms utilized in the By-Laws, Covenants and Master Deed, we have prepared summaries of those documents (click on the appropriate link below). However, these summaries are to be used only as an aid and source of reference. These summaries do not replace or alter the terms of the official condominium documents, which are legally binding.

It is recommended that buyers consult an attorney or other professional advisor before purchasing a condominium unit.

By-Laws Summary
Covenants and Amendments Summary
Master Deed Summary
Other Documents Summary

Official Documents:

The following documents are the official condominium documents along with our site plan. Owners and, in particular, prospective buyers, should read the official condominium documents to understand their rights and responsibilities.

Official By-Laws
Official Protective Covenants
Official Master Deed
Official Site Plan
Official Amendments 4-8

Official Amendment 5 (new improved copy)
Official Amendment 9

Official Amendment 10

Official Amendment 11

Official Amendment 12

Whispering Pines Drive Documents:

Road Maintenance Agreement (RMA)
RMA Assumptions
RMA Reservation
Declaration of easements
Declaration of Signage