Board of Directors

        WPCA Board Members, Officers, and committee members:

General inquires, Reporting and Suggestions:


President:                  Daniel Gee

Vice President:         Dan Hammon

Treasurer:                  Jay Korn

Secretary:                  Rob Price

Board Members:

Daniel Gee            517-861-6742

Larry Novak                    810-623-6583

Rob Price             734-395-1101

Jay Korn                             909-203-0027

Dan Hammon           246-939-2374

Advisory Board Members:

Roxanne Adams        734-878-2409

     Administrative affairs

Bill Lanam                       517-442-5400

     Comptroller, Webmaster, Financial affairs


Compliance Committee

     Rob Price – Chairperson, Jay Korn

Architectural Committee

     Larry Novak – Chairperson, Daniel Gee

Maintenance Committee (Common Areas, Roads & Pond)

     Daniel Gee – Chairperson, Larry Novak – Lower Pond lead, Carl Szczygiel – Upper Pond lead 734-878-6076